Spending Insights

Every year, different branches of the Department of Defense (DoD) award millions of dollars in contracts in Hawaii for various products and services. The range in work and products vary from professional services to construction to food and produce. This page provides four defense-related spending reports that allow users to view how the money flows from government agencies to various industries and contractors or grantees using different visualizations.

This website also provides information and links to a variety of other small business resources. Furthermore, businesses with an interest in seeking contracts with the DoD can use the data tools below to explore defense spending in Hawaii:

The HDE Economic Impact page provides additional data tools that offer more advanced analytical insights into defense spending trends and the related economic impact. For Hawaii companies that are new to defense contracting, go to the System for Award Management (https://sam.gov/SAM/) to register with the Federal Government. To view procurement opportunities please go to: https://beta.sam.gov/. This website also provides information and links to a variety of other small business resources.

Data Analysis Tool – Agency Flows to Top Industry Segments

This report explores how money flows from awarding sub agencies to the Top 5 industry segments (NAICS and PSC). On the left side of Box A, you will see a list of agencies. The right side shows the top products and services that each is buying. You can use Boxes B and C to focus the report on specific counties and agencies. Note: Net Dollar Flows are filtered on the most recent annual 12-month period.

Data Analysis Tool — Net Dollar Flows by Awarding Sub Agency

This report shows the Net Dollar Flows by Awarding Sub Agency. Box A shows the total flows by year. You can hover above each bar to see the net flow amount for that year. Use Box B to select a specific contracting sub agency, Box C to filter on industry/ NAICS, and Box D to filter on award type.


Data Analysis Tool – Spending Explorer

This tool provides a way to view details of specific contracts. You can search by company name (Box A), product or service category (Box B and Box C), County (Box D), Contract Type (Box E), or Awarding Sub Agency (Box F). A list of specific contracts can be viewed in Box G.

Data Analysis Tool – Business Map

This map identifies each organization/ business within the scope of defense related spending by physical address. Size of bubble and color is based on Net Dollar Flows relative to the filters utilized. Select Box A to filter on a specific org./ business. Select Box B to filter on a Hawaii county and adjust the map accordingly. Select Box C to filter org./ businesses by their identified six-digit primary NAICS code. Select Box D to filter on a particular state where the org./ business is physically located and adjust map accordingly. Although the org./ business may be physically located in another state, the place of performance occurred in Hawaii. Finally, select “Yes” in Box E to filter on small businesses only.