Defense Growth Areas

Hawaii Defense Alliance

The Department of Defense issues various contracts in Hawaii every year to support its mission and every year the types of goods and services shifts based on its needs. Areas of opportunity and growth continue to evolve, as the DoD has been putting a greater emphasis on cybersecurity, energy and construction.

The data below can help Hawaii businesses identify some of the top product and service contracts issued by the DoD, trends in purchasing over the years, and areas of growth and potential opportunities.

Data Analysis Tool: Top Products and Services

This report shows the Net Dollar Flows by year for the Top 25 Product Service Code (PSCs) in Tab 1 and Top 20 two and six Digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes in Tab 2. In Tab 1, Box A shows Hawaii’s top PSCs for prime contracts only. Use boxes B, C, and D to refine your search to particular years, counties, and awarding sub agencies. In Tab 2, Box A shows Hawaii’s top NAICS codes for contracts and sub-contracts. Select a 2 Digit NAICS code to view the corresponding Top 6 Digit NAICS. Use boxes C, D, and E to refine your search.

Data Analysis Tool – Key Growth Areas

This report shows the amount of spending on specific products and services year-over-year. The KEY GROWTH/ DECLINE AREAS tab shows the annual spending trends by 6 Digit NAICS. Use Boxes A, B, or C to filter on industry categories. Use the slider bar or text boxes in Box D to filter on a range of trend rates estimated for the next 12 months using a 5-year linear regression trend, e.g. minimum % allowable to -5% or 5% to maximum % available. Similarly, use the slider in Box E to select a range of total Net Dollar Flows for the most recent 12-month period, e.g. $50M to maximum value available in slider bar. Box G provides contract details related to filters selected. The EXPLORE GROWTH tab provides a variety of filters to support industry analysis within Hawaii. Use Boxes A, B, or C to filter on PSC and 3 and 6 Digit NAICS codes. The data can also be filtered by year and county. The report also shows which companies are receiving the contracts.