Contract Directory

The Department of Defense (DoD) awards thousands of contracts every year to conduct necessary work to support its infrastructure, projects and personnel in the state of Hawaii. In 2019, more than 25,000 prime contracts were awarded in the state bringing billions of dollars to the Hawaii economy.

The work conducted by these contracts cover a wide range of industries including construction, cybersecurity, health services, transportation, education, and more.

The following report was developed to help you better understand the type and nature of the contracts awarded by the DoD since 2008.

Data Analysis Tool – Search by Contracts

This tool provides a way to view details of specific contracts. You can search by company name (Box A), product or service category (Box B and Box C), or County (Box D). A list of specific contracts can be viewed in Box E. And by selecting a specific contract, more detailed information becomes available.

The defense industry is extremely important for Hawaii and our economy. It is the second largest economic driver for the state and generates millions of dollars in contracts for our local businesses. We are proud to support the military through the Military Affairs Council.

Sherry Menor-McNamara

President, Chamber of Commerce Hawaii